Why I Don’t Support Donald Trump & Why I Have a Problem With You if You Do

Yo! How are you guys? Quick disclaimer…if you are particularly sensitive to political talk or own a Make America Great Again hat then this may not be the post for you. Moving on…

I generally try to stay away from discussing two things with people: politics and religion. I didn’t need that much life experience to know that there is no easier way to get kicked in the balls than to disagree with someone’s political or religious views. I have rarely run into someone able to discuss either objectively. Nonetheless, I found myself involved in such a conversation. The person I was talking to is someone that I have a lot of respect for, is beyond intelligent and I genuinely enjoy his company….but he voted for Trump. And yes, on purpose. When I first found that out, I will admit that I had no interest in get ting to know him further; the wound from his “win” was still fresh and I equated his supporters with Satan worshippers and or idiots. But that can’t be true, can it? To this day, this man is the only Trump supporter that I willfully engage with. 

The thing about it is…I have always respected people’s rights to have opposing political views and I have maintained wonderful friendships with people who actually voted for John McCain (who ironically has been making some applaudable decisions as of late). My point is, never before has a person’s political view been a factor in wether I like them not. But this travesty of a presidency? It has been. It’s not about politics and opposing views. To me, it comes down to morality and how much you are willing to turn a blind eye too. In 2018, we are still facing inequality, racism, sexism and a host of other bullshit that you would have thought might have died down some. We have a sitting President that condones every single one of those behaviors and he does not do so discreetly. He does it out loud and in our faces. How can anyone who claims to oppose bigotry and hatred, support this man? I don’t care if Trump was handing out thousand dollar stimulus checks every third Friday; his lack of morality, his bigotry and his blatant disregard to this nation’s safety completely disqualifies him as even partially capable to run this country. And then there are people out there that say, “well at least you know the kind of person he is right from the off, he doesn’t hide it.” To this I always say, “If you invite a man to your dinner table and he calls you a n***** (or some other derogatory expletive), would he then be invited to the next barbecue?” Hell no, so why is the President not held to the same standard? Hell, why isn’t he held to any standard? What does that say about the person that willfully voted for him? How can you be upset when I question your personal ethical code or scoff when you tell me that the President’s views don’t mirror you own? Even if he was reigning supreme at this whole Presidency thing, at what cost?

How are we supposed to teach our kids that hard work and perseverance gets you on top when there is an unqualified orange laffy taffy currently occupying America’s highest and most powerful position? How do I explain the recent upsurge in racial tensions; all of which Trump either turns a blind eye to or publicly declares the perpetrators as “very fine people?” It kills me to think about the kind of future my kids will have or the kind of explanations I will inevitably have to dole out. When cops are told to ‘use more force,’ it makes me worry even more for my husband’s safety every time he sets foot behind the wheel.

So at the end of the day, yes…I am judging you if you voted for him. I am wondering, perhaps aloud, at the kind of conversations you have behind closed doors. I am wondering if you care about the pain his presidency is causing so many Americans. I know who I am and I am the type of woman who can’t stand by and willfully accept ignorance and the perpetuance of hatred all because my personal political agenda may be filled. I will never be that person. I will never turn my head in the face of ignorance; I will rise against it and fight it with every breath in my body. And I hope you will too.

Until next time, keep smiling.

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  1. floweringink | 22nd Jan 18

    I am with you 100 percent!!!!!!! I am saddened, horrified and enraged at the state of our country. I know that writing a political post can be a risky thing, but now is the time to take those risks and raise up your voice. I adore you even more than I did before! Your kids have an amazing, strong Mom!!!!

  2. Tosh | 22nd Jan 18

    This was a great post. And I respect your opinion and your willingness to be transparent with us. I’m also wondering how you felt about Hillary and Obama what you don’t have to answer. see because the Democrats are very sneaky they have lied to us more than that Republicans now I’m an independent voter because after a lot of tedious research and understanding of how this new world order is going to lay out Obama and Hillary laid the tracks will the clintons. How do we tell our kids that Obama(related to many of the older politicians which is why he got chosen) passed a secret Slave Act? how do we tell our kids that we are not going to know the type of chemicals and poisons in our food because Obama passed a shadow Act how do we tell our kids that the reason why many of our black men are in prison or in the grave are because of the clintons and Obama. Or the slavery in other countries due to them both. I mean with all due respect I dont like Trump either but if he was has never been put in office we would not have so many aware people and we need aware people to fight this battle under the Obama Administration people were asleep no one was really woke about what was really going on with new world order. Now people are willing to get up in March and fight then don’t care the consequences and it had to take someone who was belligerent to bring this out of people. More people in our race have come together becasue of this. Now all we need it is fight this new world world.

    • rudymariee | 22nd Jan 18

      Thank you for reading and commenting! I have many views on both Hillary and Obama; however on this post, I wanted to focus not on the political aspect but on the moral aspect of this presidency. I think there are cons with every single candidate and with every person that has occupied office. What I will say is that every person has to make an informed decision and that’s the best we can hope for. Again, thank you for commenting!

      • Tosh | 22nd Jan 18

        You’re right. Lol sorry gor carried away. Keep up the good work

  3. brokenradius | 22nd Jan 18

    I am 100% in line with your view. Trump is a notorious liar, a political amateur, a hypocrite. The only think he is interested in is the feeling of having power over other people, ideally over a whole nation. I am afraid that, even if he remains in office only for 1 term, he will do quite a lot of long-lasting damage to the US. One thing he already achieved: that the international reputation of the US,that was on an all-time high during Obama administration, has been dramatically hampered since Trump. He is considered unreliable, short minded, simply stupid. No serious government in the whole world (except Duarte from Philippines and the King of Saudi Arabia) wants to risk losing its face by meeting him.
    I assume there must be quite a large number of people among his voters who are dealing with deep rooted despair and frustration. In such a cases, people always look for apparent saviors, and the more blunt and uncivilized he behaves the more blindly people follow him.
    regards, Michael

  4. righteousbruin9 | 22nd Jan 18

    I voted for None of the Above. Obama and GMOs are one thing. Trump and all he has done, and will yet do, are a thousand other things.

  5. Roshonda N. Blackmon | 23rd Jan 18

    *An unqualified laffy taffy* – that was too funny! I totally agree with you 100%. I didn’t vote for Trump and too have questioned and wondered about the people who did. I will say, people really shouldn’t be surprised by Trumps antics and his derogatory behavior, who he is now is who he has always been. I don’t care for Trump and as a matter of fact, I don’t even call him by name – I refer to him as #45. I do agree with you about Sen. John McCain, I too was stunned by his decisions as of late but as the saying goes “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything” – Praying for this nation, including #45! Great Post and transparency; oh and kudos to how you handled the conversation above, your post was your opinion and not up for political debate ; )

  6. Tosh | 23rd Jan 18

    @ Roshonda N. Blackmon
    I wasn’t debating with her and I fully respect her and this post. I like to hear opinions for both sides, she opened up the political table and I just asked a few questions. As adults should be able to talk without debating. However this was not the post for it and I also respect that. I just like clarity in our community and understanding if we all wanna beat this jacked system.

    Peace, and light.

  7. thelupiemomma | 27th Jan 18

    😞 so I’m not sure if you would have nominated me if you knew I voted for Trump also… But I completely respect you and this post as we’re all entitled to our opinions. I actually posted a few weeks ago about this and I too don’t like to engage in religion or politics or even race issues where it’s a “how do you feel about this because you’re black” conversation.

    So yes I voted for him, but I and many others you may come across do not agree with him 100%. There are times when I’m like shouldn’t have stirred the pot just like everyone else does. That said I’m not racist, a bigot, or even sexist. I’m not turning a blind eye by any means. I realize that racism is still very much alive, and I have been lucky enough to not be on the harsh end as many times as others may have been.
    But at the same time, I feel like far too often the “race card” is thrown out and by doing so increases racism- if that makes sense. People aren’t born racist. They’re taught it.

    But race issues aside, I like the above commenter, did the most research I have ever done on an election this time. And in doing so I realized just how much more my views are conservative to a degree.

    I realized that I hadn’t seen the change Obama promised. And the things I valued like better healthcare and stricter immigration laws weren’t going to be met by a Democratic president. I couldn’t allow myself to push for another 4-8 years of Democratic ruling.

    But that’s just my personal opinion and you can take it with a grain if salt 🙂

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