Guess Who’s Thirty?

It’s here, I’m thirty. The big 3-0. I literally can’t believe it and I know everyone says this, but the last ten years really flew the hell by. I remember my 21st birthday like it was this morning. I had to work late, I had an ear infection and I went to Applebees with some co-workers. Then I had to rush home because I was beyond tired and had to be up early for work. Can you say glamorous! This year was definitely better than that one…my amazingly amazing husband threw me a beautiful surprise party. He rented out a gorgeous room where my friends and family all had quite possibly one of the most delicious dinners I have ever eaten and coming from a major foodie, that is something! The staff there were fantastic and so accomodating…. afterward, he surprised me again with a private VIP club experience complete with a table full of alcohol. We had too much fun. I generally don’t drink because I’m old and out of the game, so it had been a long while since I had anything stronger than a Schnapps. I probably won’t be reviving my old drinking tendencies any time soon, but that night was awesome. We had an overly ambitious private server who came by every 6 minutes to ensure my cup didn’t get below half empty. Thank you Vanessa.

I have been thinking and thinking about what’s going to be different, if anything, in the year of thirty. What am I striving toward? What’s my next goal, what’s going to make my life more meaningful? I feel like I need to do something to shake my life up a little. But what? I’m working on professional projects, but I don’t feel like that counts. In 2018, I really wanna work on forming new, positive and most of all meaningful relationships. I really need to find my girl tribe. I miss having one. I also want to get more involved with the community….I have been researching volunteer opportunities. Anyone have any advice? People always say that they will change this and change that and never change a damn thing. I know because I am the leader of these people. Just this week, I am supposed to be waking up at 730, going for a walk and then actually working at my desk. So far, I have woken up at about 9, have taken no walks and have done most of my work in bed at 1am. Sigh. I need to be better about keeping promises to myself. I wanna be that woman that wakes up full of life, reads a daily devotional and doesn’t reschedule her dentist appointments. Can be I her or am I doomed to be the last minute, procrastinating, working late into the night and slacking on laundry type of woman I have been thus far. Because let me tell you, this family lives out of baskets way too much of the time. Let’s all remember, this is a judgement free zone, thank you.

So here’s to being more productive and making my life more valuable. Maybe tomorrow, I will wake up at 830 and walk the block. Gotta start somewhere.

Until next time, keep smiling.



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  1. richteewrites | 30th Nov 17

    Happy Birthday Beautiful. Have a great year. Thank you for being so inspiring. God bless you

    • rudymariee | 30th Nov 17

      Thank you so much! 💫

  2. NeShama Bonneau | 30th Nov 17

    I love reading your posts girl. Happy belated birthday! You looked so fabulous, like seriously! As far as shaking it up, I would suggest maybe mentoring. There are so many people, young and old, that need a pep talk here and there (by reading your posts that is something you do effortlessly). I volunteer with the highschoolers who are a part of the Red Cross and it has definitely helped me find a passion.

    P.S. No judgement because my laundry will sit on the couch for days. If the family is healthy and breathing you are doing your job mama! LOL

    • rudymariee | 30th Nov 17

      Thank you SO much NeShama!! Mentoring sounds like a great idea. I’m scared of teenagers but I’d love to help out young adults. Maybe I could help teenagers….hmmmm. You definitely have given me an option, thanks!

      And yes I am so glad I’m not the only one. Four peoples laundry is no joke as I know you know!! Thanks for your comment.

  3. C H R I S T Y | 30th Nov 17

    Happy Birthday Lovebug! Pray you live to see another decade plus, and to enjoy your day!!

    • rudymariee | 30th Nov 17

      Thanks so much!! ✨✨☺️

  4. Roshonda N. Blackmon | 30th Nov 17

    Happy Birthday Girl!!!!! Sounds like you had a ball, I know it was very nice and so glad that your hubby did that for you. I remember when I turned 30, all types of light bulbs were coming on and flicking off….lol. I know whatever you decide, it will be the best for you but from a little experience, make those decisions quickly because if it’s like me – you’ll find yourself at almost 39 and wondering —- what in the world? At least that’s what I’m doing now. You know it’s funny, I was just responding to a girl on FB this morning whom just celebrated her 41st b-day last week and she was glorying about her girl tribe and I just told her I wish I had that…lol. Oh and by the way?, I’ve lived out of baskets too and so have my kids, I’ve also lived for weeks with the clothes just strolled on the bed and I’ve gotten in the bed to sleep and wake up the next morning to pick out something – on the bed to wear to work…lol lol. Best wishes for your 30’s, I know it’s going to be FUN!

    • rudymariee | 1st Dec 17

      Thank you Roshonda! I really had an amazing birthday. I’ve always had prettt low key, boring birthdays so this one was extra special. I definitely am going to take your advice and move quickly! Based on how fast life has blown by this far, I can only imagine in the coming years. My mom just celebrated her 50th birthday and she’s still in shock. Like they say, time stands still for no man.

      Girl tribes are so important. We were in the military life so long, that all my friends are spread all over the place from Guam to Texas so it’s been hard for me. I miss having my tribe!

      Thanks so much for reading! Always love your comments. ✨

      • Roshonda N. Blackmon | 1st Dec 17

        Yes, they are important and yes, time is the only thing in life that keeps on moving whether we want to or not. Glad you had a great b-day!

  5. Christopher Bland | 30th Nov 17

    Happy belated born date 💐💐💐💐

    • rudymariee | 30th Nov 17

      Thank you!!!!

  6. overthehillontheyellowbrickroad | 30th Nov 17

    I remember when I turned thirty, people said to me, “When you’re twenty-nine, you’re thought of as the oldest kid. And when you’re thirty, you’re the youngest adult.” It helped me think things through. I thought there was some truth to that. 🙂

    • rudymariee | 30th Nov 17

      I like that! There’s definitely some truth there. I have a house, a husband, two kids and a dog and I still don’t “feel” like an actual adult. Maybe it’s something that comes later??

  7. Sarah Smile | 30th Nov 17

    Happy Birthday!! I’ll be 30 soon as well, and I’m just like oh snap, I have to grow up soon.

    • rudymariee | 1st Dec 17

      Thank you!!! It really sneaks up on ya. I don’t think we have to grow up though….I’m not planning to “grow up” until I’m at least 50. 😉

  8. QuriksandPearls | 1st Dec 17

    Happy Birthday to you. I like the fact that you have thought about 2018 and new things you want to do in your life. I pray it goes even better than you imagined.

    • rudymariee | 1st Dec 17

      Thank you so much! ✨💫✨

  9. 3C Style | 2nd Dec 17

    Happy belated birthday Rudy. Getting older is alright you’ll see. I’m 50 and I never felt better, truly!

  10. K E Garland | 12th Dec 17

    Happy belated!

    • rudymariee | 12th Dec 17

      Thank you!

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