Can We Get Past Thanksgiving first?

It’s that time of year again. That time when people are either screaming bah-humbug at unsuspecting, suspiciously cheerful strangers or playing Christmas music and baking pies in still 78-degree weather. I fall into the latter category …being slightly Christmas obsessed, I am generally on tether hooks by November 1st. No shame here. But with the usual buzz of holiday talk, my brain got to whirring…. Why do people care so much about what others are doing? Every single year without fail there are people all up and down my timeline arguing over the “appropriate time to start decorating” or either complaining about the immediate arrival of Christmas decorations after Halloween. I never understand it. If you have lived in America, then you know that this is par for the course. So why the incessant complaints?

Why do you care when Cynthia on the corner hangs her Christmas lights? Why do you roll your eyes in frustration when Gerry from cubicle 3 pulls into the lot blaring Jingle Bells? Is your day really ruined when Linda from high school post a photo of her fully decorated Christmas tree on November 5th? Are these complaint worthy? Five Facebook paragraph complaint worthy? I just want someone, somewhere to tell me WHY IT MATTERS. Personally, I start decorating the day after Thanksgiving. It’s been a tradition in our family and usually the day after, we all go out and get a tree and spend the day decorating it and omg I am so excited. But that’s me. I shamelessly start playing my Christmas music well before that day though. Why? Because it makes me happy. I grew up in a sort of volatile household and Christmas was always a slight reprieve from that. I have always held it close to me and even as old as I am now, I am still positively giddy about the holiday. Even my husband, who was always neutral, gets excited when this time of year rolls around.

In 2017, people are way too caught up in other people’s happenings. Listen. If Linda’s tree photos offend you that much, unfollow her. Better yet, delete your account and engage in a worthwhile hobby. Write to your congressman. Find something else to complain about; in 2017 there are a plethora of viable options. If the store decorations set your nerves on edge, shop online. Drain all the gas from your car so that you won’t be tempted…or even try moving away to a remote area. I encourage you all to enter in 2018 with the intent to mind your own damn business. Let’s all say that together: “In 2018, we will mind our own damn business.” See? Doesn’t that feel nice? In a world full of over sharers, news feeds and status updates, this can be difficult but I have faith in you. YOU CAN DO THIS. Learn something about yourself. Try to figure out what it is about you that makes you care so much about things that have nothing to do with you.

I suppose this was sort of a rambly, sarcastic post but I feel better for having written it. Hopefully someone out there will walk past Cynthia’s house next week, the only one in the whole neighborhood with bright red and green lights twinkling in every direction, and instead of rushing home to complain to her exasperated Facebook friends, she will sigh inwardly and say, “I will mind my own damn business.”


Until next time, keep smiling.





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  1. floweringink | 2nd Nov 17

    I love this!!!!!! And I love Christmas too! I often find myself sad when the lights get taken down, and wondering why we don’t keep them up all year. I will absolutely be advising my friends and family to mind their own business when they start complaining about other people’s holiday traditions.

    • rudymariee | 2nd Nov 17

      Thank you! I am always a little down when it’s time to retire the decorations. We always take them down January 2. And every year I’m sad about it. Thanks so much from your comment!!

  2. roshondablackmon | 2nd Nov 17

    Hi rudymariee, another good and honest post. I have to be honest, I love Christmas music and usually can’t wait until Thanksgiving is over to blast it, but then again depending on how I feel, I’m subject to listen to it in July. As you stated it’s just something about Christmas that I truly love, I suppose it’s the spirit of it and how it makes even the most scroogest people do good things. It’s the time of year in which I wish I could bottle up and spread out all year. I think people have made it their business to get into other people’s business, always scrootinizing someone else, whether for their beliefs or choices. Yes, people should take your mantra into 2018 and actually abide by it…but you know how people are, as long as we have social media at our finger tips, the madness will never end….*sigh, smh *….But hey, I’m going to blast my music and get into my own Christmas spirit, no one will change that. Cheers to being us and to Cynthia for putting up those lights!!!

    • rudymariee | 3rd Nov 17

      Girl right! Do you what want and let others do what they want. People are always so up in arms. For me, put those lights up Cynthia! I love it! I always understand the “rush” because as you said, it’s the spirit of it. It feels people with a kindness that this world is lacking. Of course people want to put a rush order on that!

      • roshondablackmon | 6th Nov 17

        Of course they do – they always want to put a rush order on kindness and giving. That’s the sad thing about the season, it injects people with love and when the meds have worn off, it’s back to life as usual.

  3. brokenradius | 3rd Nov 17

    A wonderful manifesto for tolerance. In summary, “live and let live” , or to quote the prussian King Frederic 2 “let everyone seek heaven in his own fashion”.

  4. overthehillontheyellowbrickroad | 3rd Nov 17

    A great reminder about what really matters and what doesn’t.

    • rudymariee | 3rd Nov 17

      Yes! Exactly this. 🙂

  5. Synnove Polaris | 5th Nov 17

    Hey there~
    Just nominated you for the Liebster Award. Check it out <3

    • rudymariee | 6th Nov 17

      Oh wow! Thank you so much!!

  6. debby000 | 30th Nov 17

    Sarcastic and intriguing

    • rudymariee | 30th Nov 17

      Thank you!

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