I love this…but is that a curse word?

I remember when I started this blog and I told myself that I would not, under any circumstance, compromise myself, my content or my integrity. I never want to sell out or end up in a situation that I don’t want to be in. In life we have very few things that we are in absolute control of; but this, my baby, I want to always in control of every aspect of it. Well, that resolve was recently put to the test and for a minute there, things were looking hella shaky.

I got an email from a reputable website that wanted to feature my one of my articles. Immediate first thought: OMG, really?! ME?! Then I read this line: “We absolutely love your content and in an effort to keep our website family friendly, we simply ask that you remove any profanity and we would be happy to feature you on our website!” Second thought: Excuse me? I appreciate that the wording was polite, but essentially, they wanted me to alter my content to fit within their parameters. Well firstly, my website in itself is not what I would call family friendly so it surprised me that they were reaching out to me in the first place. Appreciative and flattered, but still surprised. Well of course, as soon as I got the email my mind was whirring with precisely 3 million and 27 thoughts. Should I take the opportunity for the exposure? Should I err on the side of politeness and accept their offer? Should I tell them to eff off and that I will NOT alter a single damn thing? I will admit that for a fraction of a second, I actually considered it. The exposure! I thought what a neat way to get my site out there. Thankfully, I began thinking with reason.

IF I changed my content in even the slightest of ways, would I still be in control? Would it be on my terms still? No, it wouldn’t. Is taking out the curse words really that big of a deal? To me, yes. Absolutely yes. I curse. I am a curser and I not ashamed of it. There is nothing else on this earth more descriptive and sometimes soul cleansing like a well placed, emphatic “fuck.” Say what you will, but that’s me. I learned to curse on the black top in Brooklyn and those early lessons have served me well. So maybe to you it’s not a big deal, but it is to me. My writing is who I am, what I am feeling or thinking. My writing is ME and even changing one single, seemingly minute thing is like changing myself and I don’t ever want to have to do that. I want people to enjoy my content in it’s entirety; I want to connect with people in my own way. That’s the purpose of Visions and Giggles. I want my words to spill across the screen as if we are two friends chatting at a table. This isn’t formal, I’m not writing academically. This is my place of peace, where I am free to be me.

So, will I be taking out the profanity? Fuck no.

Until next time, keep smiling.

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  1. K E Garland | 29th Apr 17

    Yep. Changing who you are to fit any circumstance is the beginning of not being who you are.

  2. brokenradius | 2nd Oct 17

    Well done, stay authentic !
    These religious hypocrits should better take care of the real hateful words and thoughts that come every day from the oval office and which try to poison peoples mind.
    good luck with your writing efforts.

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