How I Met my Husband

SO! I have gotten a few emails requesting for me to tell the “how I met my husband” story. The story is so long and involved, I was unsure of how to tackle it but I figured I would put pen to paper and see where I end up!

I had just gotten to A&T in 2006 and I was wide eyed and ready to get into as much trouble as I could. I did have a boyfriend that was going to the college just down the street. In hindsight, that was the worst decision ever but I digress. I wasn’t really out for boys but there were a plethora and I did not mind looking. I will never forget when I first saw him…he came walking (read strutting) in the suites where my dorm was and he was waving at me like I knew him. When I tell y’all I was NOT checking for him, I was NOT. He was so not my type and at 18 “types” are everything. The one thing I did like right away was his smile; the man still has a smile that will charm you into oblivion. I waved back and kept it pushing. Fast forward to a few days later and I found him sitting outside with some friends (come to think of it, he was kind of stalkery back then haha) and he called me over. I don’t remember what he said to me but I did appreciate that whatever he said was unique; at least, it was to me. Being a freshman, I had been subject to all kinds of inflated flattery and even this early into things, I was annoyed with the overzealousness of those panty hungry boys. So, I was impressed with his slick talk but like I said, I wasn’t really feeling him. But his words did stick with me and I thought he would make a great friend sooooo, he got friend zoned. Was that a thing in 2006? We had a few classes together and he always made sure he spoke to me and after awhile we became real friends. Text a few times a week, Facebook wall post…walking me to class. I could tell that he wanted to be more but my head was so far up my boyfriend’s ass that I was living and breathing everything that had to do with him. But Will was always respectful and never pressed the issue…but he was also never too far away.

So along Christmas break and my boyfriend and I are fighting again. Typical kind of story…he wanted to test the waters and find some new panties to sniff while I laid around crying into various pillow cases and writing sad poetry in my journal <insert eye roll>. I talked to William often and we made plans to get together when we got back to school but that never really happened. We saw each other in passing and sent a few text, but for the most part we had pretty limited contact the entire second semester. Now, here enters an interesting story…he will probably kill me for this but oh well, sorry babe! So it was summer break and I was at home losing my shit and literally counting down the seconds till I got back to school. The boyfriend and I had broken up so there was basically no action for me that entire summer so I did what everyone was doing…spending my entire life on Facebook. I’m in my room at my desk scrolling away and a notification pops up letting me know that someone had added me to yet another group. This one, The Wall of Dogs, caught my attention and I was quick to start scrolling through the different guys posted in this group! A few clicks later and there he was….smile and all. Reading the comments was hilarious. The very first one said, “Don’t let that smile fool you, this one’s a heart breaker.” Ha! I was very intrigued and I don’t think I even told him that I saw it. But I was very, very interested in reconnecting with him when we got back to school. What IS it with girls and the bad boy appeal? I was no different and I counted down the days with extra fervor.

I moved into an apartment  Sophomore year and William and I had made plans for him to come and see my place after he settled in at school and next thing I knew he was a knocking at my door. Face framed with fresh curls and an ass load of lipgloss, I went flouncing away to the door. Now ladies, please tell me that you have witnessed first hand “the glow up” because I know y’all can relate. I open up the door and that fresh faced, smooth skinned chubby guy that I met last year was NO WHERE to be found. There was a MAN at my door with a full beard, a fresh cut and that damn smile. I had to do a a triple, quadruple take and I already know his arrogant ass noticed that. I do my best never to let on how I’m feeling but y’all, when I opened that door it was like a gut punch to the stomach; how the hell do you hide that?! So, needless to say, that’s where it alllll began. We spent that entire day together and stayed up until 3am talking about everything. He came over every single day after that and we learned so much about each other and things were basically perfect. I was hesitant to make things official and do the whole “he’s my boyfriend” thing but after awhile it was implied. The next few months were filled with late night talks, sweet words and a million hours of laughter. I knew it was real when I personalized his ring tone…Keyshia Cole’s Heaven Sent. Girl. Yes.

AND THEN, he shows up to my door randomly one day telling me that he is leaving school to join the Air Force. I was devastated but being the anti-emotional person I am, I didn’t let him know that. I was so sad though and the next few weeks were pretty sullen. When he finally left, I literally slept with my phone next to my head because I was NOT trying to miss a phone call. Pitiful. He was gone for about three months and that reunion was e v e r y t h i n g. Did I mention that up until that point we had not, uh…..colored yet? I did mention that he showed up on the wall of dogs, didn’t I? I was not about to end up in somebody’s little black book. No ma’am.

It is crazy to think that I could have missed out an amazing husband just because he wasn’t my type. All these years later, our days are still filled with sweet words and hours of laughter. He has gotten sexier by the day and my favorite thing to do is watch him walk through that door. Ladies (and men), don’t limit your options. I would have never, ever considered him for a partner and now here are 10 years later raising a family and we could not be happier.

Share your love stories! I love hearing about love.

Until next time, keep smiling.

Picture of husband and wife smiling and happy together

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  1. K E Garland | 21st Apr 17

    Awww…that is a really sweet story 🙂

    • rudymariee | 21st Apr 17

      Thank you! ☺️

  2. Jen.You | 10th Jul 17

    AWEEEE! Y’all are cute!😊😊😊

    • rudymariee | 11th Jul 17

      Thank you so much! 😊

  3. Siphosetu | 28th Sep 17

    aw! man that is cute

    • rudymariee | 30th Sep 17

      Thank you!

  4. Reminissy | 7th Dec 17

    Aww what a beautiful love story, I really enjoyed reading this! In my own experience it’s always the ones that were originally not my “type” that I grew to love the most and that end up knowing me the best. I met my boyfriend on the dating site Plenty of Fish, only looking for friends and it turned out to be the best kind of love I’ve ever known!

    • rudymariee | 7th Dec 17

      Thank you! I think when you meet someone who isn’t your type, it can be even more amazing because it’s like a surprise. Like what? I like you? And it’s been incredible! I always tell people not to shy away from POF. A friend of mine when on a date with a guy she met on there and she didn’t want to do a second date because of “the internet thing.” I convinced her to go, and now they are engaged! Thank you for your comment!

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