Ramblings of a Neurotic Writer

Today was a crazy day. I should have a glass of wine. Oh wait, I don’t drink. Shit. I’ll have to suffer the consequences. No, wait that’s stupid. Look at that jackass getting over with no signal. Ok, maybe I’ll just eat a snickers. I think there’s a bag of snickers in the pantry. Yes! Brooklynn has been talking to me non-stop. What is she even saying? Will better not have eaten my snickers. I will end his life if he ate my snickers. I wish he was going to be home tonight. I need my butt rubbed. What should we eat for dinner? I haven’t cooked all week. Does that make me a bad parent? Fuck that, I was tired this week. And I don’t feel good. Mainly. Brooklynn is still talking. A recital? I have to go to a recital? When? Shit. I need to find that out. Maybe we will have omelets. I don’t really feel like omelets. It’s a nice day out, we should go to the park. I could get my computer and do some work. OMG, did this idiot just slam on the brakes! I can’t even. I like this song. Makes me want to light up the grill and stay up all night talking. I guess I need friends for that. Why don’t have any friends. Are we lame? We are probably lame. Is there a cure for that? I really can’t wait to eat those snickers. We should order a pizza. I had an awful day and I don’t have time for cooking. If we go to the park, which pizza place should we go to? I wish we lived near Gino’s. I don’t feel like Randy’s. Did I email that guy back?! I want that job; I should probably email him back. I hope he doesn’t want me to call him. I hate talking on the phone to strangers. I have an awkward phone voice. I hope he can communicate with email. Shit. Look at my nails. They need to be done. I should make an appointment. I don’t feel like calling her either. Maybe I’ll have my mom do it. Yeah. She’ll do it. Did I decide on pizza? I need to do my homework. I haven’t logged in all week. Slacker. Who lets old people drive? Where the hell is she going? Lady, give it up. Is she turning? Look at those houses. They look nice. Why haven’t I looked in there? I can’t live over here anyway. All these people go to bed at 7pm. All of them. We really should buy a house. I don’t really feel like signing all that paperwork though. Sigh. Is Brooklynn still talking? Have I answered her? I guess I should. I wonder what color Bryce is on today. He’s been having a bad week. I don’t understand why. Maybe he’s in rebellion because I haven’t made dinner. I should probably make dinner. Will and I are going to that hotel this weekend. Should I wear lingerie? Is he expecting lingerie? I ate way too many fries this week for any lingerie. He does like that silk robe thingy though. I should probably pack it. Just in case. Is it really going to snow this weekend? We’re probably in an apocalypse. Uh oh, Will is waiting for me. He looks confused. He’s cute when he’s confused. BUT, he better not have eaten my snickers.

Until next time, keep smiling.

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