Finally Decorating the Office

I went on a spontaneous trip to Marshall’s today…My home office is in desperate need of decorating. The most important thing at the moment is finding a new chair. As much time as I spend sitting there, my butt needs to be comfortable. I found a lot possible of options all in varying price ranges but like the indecisive person I am, I could NOT make up my mind. I had my mom with me and her advice was just to buy all of them. Thanks Mom! *eyeroll*

I am leaning toward this one…You can’t really get the scale of the chair from the picture but I love the grandeur of this. It is huge and I think it would add a nice flair to my office space. On the flip side, it could dominate the space and end up looking too gaudy. This one retails for 299.00

Then there is this one…

I love, love, love the tufted velvet look. It would add a nice element of elegance to the space. Even though this one is wider than the first one, I would say about a chair and a half, it is on a much smaller scale. The sheer absence of a high back makes it appear much smaller. This one is a much more reasonable 179.99. Decisions, decisions.

Here is a picture of my desk space from a few weeks ago….

Not much has changed in this little area; I have a pretty generic desk and a tufted parsons chair. As you can see, I need a MUCH bigger vanity so I have been doing some shopping around. Of course, everything that I like is at Ikea and the closest one is in Charlotte. It’s about a three hour or so drive, so not terrible but then there’s the issue of transporting whatever I buy back home. I did look into shipping and for a 129$ purchase, the total came out to 258$!!! Is it me or is that bananas? So, needless to say, hell no to that idea.

What are you all’s go to shops for furniture shopping? I need to get out and explore more. I am such a slave to online shopping; I honestly cannot remember the last time I bought a piece of furniture out a store. As in, walked in and came back out with an item. Nope. I ordered a white leather futon for my office and it arrived very neatly packaged on my doorstep. Sigh. Maybe I will clear my schedule and actually venture out to Charlotte. The kids would enjoy a road trip and they do need new beds. Hmmmm……I will keep you all updated.

Until next time, keep smiling.


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