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Ahhhhhh…..so you have stumbled upon my safe place. My previously hidden sanctuary. I have kept this place hidden for as long as I have been writing. But 2017 is a self proclaimed year of pushing the limits. Simply put, this is the year I stop being a scared little shit and get out of my comfort zone. I really don’t know how to explain it but I just feel like my writing is so personal. It’s my own little piece of magic, a place of solitude and no judgement. But my husband, being the ever encouaraging  little man he is, has been telling me for YEARS, “What if your writing can touch someone? Inspire someone? Provide someone a little escape from reality? What good can it do anybody stuck inside notebooks (yup, I still do all my writing in notebooks.  Still stuck in the 90’s over here.) that no one will ever see?” Sigh. He is right. He’s been right all along and if we are all being honest here, I’ve wanted to be Teri McMillan since I was like nine years old. I always felt that there was a story inside of me that I just had to tell. I coveted her name across the cover of her books for years.

And then the other day, I was scrolling through my Facebook as per my usual evening (and morning and afternoon) routine and I saw the beyond awe inspring Shonda Rhimes. I mean, who doesn’t love her?! It was a little video clip where she was announcing that she would be teaching a masterclass on how to write for television. She said something in the beginning that just jumped out at me. She said, “I don’t believe in the phrase, ‘you’re a writer’.” To me, it’s just, you’re a writer. Go write.” I paused the video for a full 20 seconds and reflected on that. I thought, I AM a writer and I need to own that. I need to stop saying, “I’m going to” and actually do it. I need to stop pussyfooting around waiting for someone else to come and do the work for me or to say the exact right thing that will inspire me. I need to STOP making excuses, stop being scared of negative feedback. I just need to do it.

And then I realized that making it big never really mattered. Getting my name out there as the next Shonda Rhimes isn’t what’s important. What’s important are all those things my husband told me. Inspiring someone else. Inspiring me. Just being able to say I did it, I tried-that’s what it’s all about. Maybe someone reading this right now, maybe they are the next big literary superstar. Maybe this post will inspire them to make it happen. You never know, right? You just never know.

So today, this very second, I vow to stop to being scared. To stop living inside my head and instead, share my thoughts with the world. No matter what anyone says, I have to do it for me. I have to know I tried. And I hope that some of you, if even only a few of you, will tag along with me. After all, I am a writer and I have a story to tell.

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