It’s Christmas!

Where the HELL did the month go?! I literally feel like we just had Thanksgiving dinner and here it is, Christmas Eve. Is it age that makes the time speed up or what? I swear that after I turned 25, I stepped into some sort of alternate universe where you live an entire year in only six months. *insert eye roll*

It is 4am and we just put the finishing touches on the last gift. It has been a tradition in my family to reserve wrapping gifts, particularly the gifts from Santa, until Christmas Eve night. There’s nothing quite like wrapping 46.5 million presents the night before Christmas and realizing just how much of this stuff is unnecessary. But I have awesome kids and I want them to have everything….within reason. I’m not trying to raise any brats.

On a serious note, I feel so incredibly blessed and thankful that we are able to give our kids amazing Christmases. I am extremely Christmas obsessed (everyone is all summer is coming and I’m just sitting here like, okay so we have how long until December comes again??) and I love, love, love giving gifts. We always have a big Christmas here at our house and it’s always an awesome time. My son has delegated himself the official gift hander outer because he says, “I can read this year!” I am so proud of him and I know he will be up bright and early to demonstrate his fabulous reading skills.

My husband is outside putting together Brooklynn’s carriage. I will admit that he is the gift wrapper in this family (seriously, when I wrap anything it looks like I closed my eyes, threw wapping paper at it and then had the cat put tape on it) so I feel a tad guilty that he had to wrap all the gifts and go out in the garage to assemble the motorized toys. Me….well, I am at my desk with a steaming cup of tea and a mouth full of sugar cookies. Smh. BUT, technically, I am working so that counts, right?

As for now, I think I will make my way to a shower, eat another cookie and try to find a wink of sleep before the kids start pummeling us. I hope all of you guys’ Holiday is filled with warmth, happiness and most of all some bomb food. 🙂 Merry Christmas!


Later that morning….



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