Happy Birthday to me! How can I be 29 years old already? I mean, I know it sounds cliche but honestly, how many of us stop and think that we will ever get to THIRTY?! 30 has always seemed soooo….welll….old! At 22, you think of being 30 and you think you’ll have life figured out. You figure by age 30 you’ll breeze through life in fancy designer heels, spend your days in a glamorous corner office and go home to a gorgeous piece of masculinity every single night….the photoshopped version of The American Dream. At least, that was my version. Well, let’s us all just take a moment to step back and realize just how un-together we really are. Most days, I can’t find the car keys….or the car for that matter. Our kids are basically raising us. I think they’re doing okay. I am still alive and they don’t seem to mind half frozen nuggets for dinner a few times a week.


Okay, okay maybe that is all hella exaggerated. But still, I felt like I would be doing SO much more by now. What that “so much more” actually is, I don’t know but I still thought I would be doing it. That’s not to say that the life I have isn’t amazing because it is. I’m grateful for every single second of it…it’s just not what I envisioned all those years ago. But then, is anything ever? Life experiences, those days where we are thrown off course and forced to figure it out…those are the moments that shape us. Those are the moments that make us who we are and let me tell you, this has been a hell of a ride. But still…there is something missing.


I have roughly one more year to make my twenties amazing. This is the year of reinvention, of self discovery. This year I am going to take risk, push myself out of my blanket and coffee filled comfort zone and shake things up a bit. I’m coming for the year of 30 harder than my dog is coming for that pepperoni laying on the floor over there. This is MY year. I just hope I’m ready.





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